NEW DEADLINE:  February 22, 2021 [extended, due to storm]





                                (Phase II)


                                                                Wilsonville Arts & Culture Council

                                                                                WINTER 2021

                                                                          DEADLINE:  February 22, 2021 (11:59pm)                                                                                     NO SUBMISSION FEE




ABOUT THE EXHIBITION: DREAM BEYOND COVID is a juried, thematic group exhibition of visual works that may be executed in any medium, but address such questions as are posted below.  As many of us struggle through this time of isolation and limitation of “normal” activity, what do we long for?  Here are some leading questions:


           What do we wish we could do?

           Whom do we want to see?

           Where do we long to go?

           What do we wish to experience?

           How do we hope the world will have changed?

           How do we hope WE will have changed?

           What are the silver linings, the positives that have arisen during this time?

           Are there things we now appreciate & reflect upon more deeply, observe more fully?
           How has COVID changed us, forced us to grow?


Each artist may submit up to three works for consideration. Any media are welcome, as long as the work does not exceed size limitations (because works are for sale and shipping costs are considered).


Works accepted by the jury shall join current works in Part I of Dream Beyond COVID, which features works that are square in format.  Part II of this virtual exhibition will be on display from March 1 - March 31, 2021 at

EXHIBITION DETAILS:  Accepted artworks will be featured in a virtual exhibition on the website of Wilsonville Arts & Culture Council ( from March 1  to March 31, 2021.

JURY PROCESS: Jurors will aim to accept works by as many artists as possible, but will disqualify works that discriminate against anybody, promote hatred, or are deemed inappropriate for general audiences, since this exhibit will exist in a public forum.

EXHIBITION TERMS: Works can be for sale, through the website, with WACC assuming a 20% commission.  Details for delivery of the work to the patron will be arranged by WACC, acting as agent.  WACC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) --  earned commissions will be used solely to support WACC's programming and mission.  We would like for no works to exceed $150 in price.

ELIGIBILITY AND RESTRICTIONS: The juried exhibition is open to all artists, young and old (student, enthusiast, amateur, and professional), working in any medium or media, living in or working in (or within a 50-mile radius of) Wilsonville, OR.  We will accept any 2-D art media that does not exceed 36" in any dimension, and any 3D work 18" in any dimension or weighing more than ten pounds. Each work must be submitted as a high-res jpeg image (300dpi).


By submitting work, you agree that the images are your own work and that you own all rights to the images, and you take full responsibility for the content of the imagery, including the likeness of any recognizable individuals. Further, if presenting a photograph of people, you have obtained your subject’s permission to exhibit their likeness in a public forum.  Work that is copied, or done as a directed assignment in class (where all the student pieces look very similar, following the same step-by-step process), is not eligible.  We want this call to be open to students and teachers.


SUBMITTING WORKS TO BE JURIED:  Artists may submit up to three images for jurying. Digital jpeg image files only:  300 dpi (no dimension larger than 10”).  Include title, medium, dimensions.  Artists must include a statement about how each piece fits into the theme of Dream Beyond COVID.  This statement will be displayed with your work in the show.  Submit your jpeg as an attachment with your submission email.

IMAGE USE / COPYRIGHT: Artist retains all copyrights to submitted images and presented artwork.  Submitted digital images are for exhibition selection only and will be deleted after the adjudication process is complete and the accepted work is formatted into the virtual exhibition. Artists whose works are accepted into the show grant WACC the right to use the selected image for printed and/or digital materials on the Council’s website for promotional purposes. WACC retains no copyrights to artists’ works.  

NOTIFICATION:  Artists will be notified of acceptance or nonacceptance within one week of the deadline. Notification will be made via email. Please note, there will be no personal feedback given by jurors. If for any reason you do not receive your notification, please check the filters in your email account.

DEADLINE: The entry deadline is February 22, 2021.  Entries must be submitted via email: please send to by 11:59pm on this date.  Please use this subject line: Dream Beyond COVID art submission




           ___ Email to
                  Subject line: “Dream Beyond COVID art submission”

           ___ ATTACH jpeg of your art to your email (no embedded images).

                   300 dpi / 10” x 10” dimension image max / cropped and straightened, with good resolution and color accuracy,

           ___ Label Info:  Name / Title of Artwork / medium / dimensions / Price or NFS

           ___ Statement: One paragraph about your piece, what it’s about, and explaining how it fits into the theme Dream                            Beyond COVID

           ___ Include your best contact info: email address for jury notification contact info for arranging sale of your work