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WACC is working towards rebuilding our board membership and volunteer base to bring back the Festival of The Arts in Wilsonville next year. 

Please email us at to get in touch about volunteering, being a vendor at the Festival or becoming a board member.   


 Festival of Arts 

Founded in 1998, The Wilsonville Festival of Arts is an annual event celebrating local history, culture featuring local artist and organizations at Town Center Park.

2023 saw a drop in our board membership and volunteer base, thus the Festival could not be hosted this year.

If you would love for the Festival to be back next year, please consider joining our board, signing up as a volunteer or showing interest by sending an email with how you would like to contribute!

festival 3.jpeg

Community Portrait Project

Our student and community focused  program highlights local "heroes," and arts in education.  

Panels from Charbonneau Art Festival

Thank You to our 2022 Grantors, Sponsors & Partners!

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