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Wilsonville Arts & Culture Council presents an annual festival, known as the Wilsonville Festival of Arts. Founded in 1998, WACC aims to promote visual, performing, and literary artists, and provide student artists opportunities to showcase their work. This fun and unique community event is free to the public.

Want to help with art and cultural events in Wilsonville?

We are currently recruiting volunteers and participating in a strategic plan with other arts and cultural organizations this year to help bring the Wilsonville Festival of Arts back to the Park in 2024.  For more information, apply to be a board member, or volunteer, please email:

Looking Back at Festival 2022

Our 2022 "This Moment on Earth," was our first indoor and virtual festival due to the pandemic. Instead of the traditional "in the park," it was held at Frog Pond Church. The gallery was filled with student art, "Our Globe," interactive sculpture, art pieces from "This Moment On Earth" and "Saved From the Landfill" that included art from local artists, sculptures and so much more. Live piano music was also a highlight opening night. Thank you all for your support and participation this year! 

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Thank You to our 2022 Grantors, Sponsors & Partners!

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